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Monday, 26 March 2012

Graveyard Rock City Nottingham

Last Saturday night the 70' Swedish rockers played at the Rock City bringing with them their compatriots  Horizont.
The quality of the support act was really impressive, as Horizont bring a subtle genre of bluesy rock. The sound of the Orange and HiWatt amps, the up front presence of the drums and the fantastic vocals really warmed the venue which was more than ready for Graveyard.
Horizont, Nightrider from the Tva Sidor Av Horisonten album

After a short sound check, Gibsons and Rickenbacker plugged, the show was ready to begin. And the quality of the set did not deceive the public expectation as the wonderful sonic of the band built up a rare energy during the gig. The balance between the first album Graveyard and the second one Hisingen Blues gave to the crowd a solid 2 hours gig with a nice drum solo at the middle of it. 
Graveyard, Higingen Blues

 The small size of the venue was a really plus to the live, as the sound quality and the intimate with the bands were incredible. If the last 5 years have seen the classic 70's Rock revival, Graveyard has been a major actor of it, and I am sure they will trace their own way in the future.

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