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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Hevy Music Fest, Metalcore in cage!

The 4th edition of the Hevy Music Fest has begun to announce its line up! Fans of Hardcore, Metalcore and Punkcore will be delighted as the festival is continuing its segmentation in these music genres. This year Hardcore ledgends Converge or the Noisecore Will Haven will play in exclusively for the Hevy Music Fest.
The 2011 edition has been critically aclaimed for the quality of its programation and its athmosphere being more intimate (Trebuchet magasine 2011).

From a more commercial angle, the event is sponsored by the usual Metal partnerships, Red Bull, Jagermeister and Rock Sound, the magasine Front and the skate shoes brand Etnies are sponsors of the Event too.

So what is going on in this fest?
Well firslty the festival is set in a safari park zoo (Port Lympne in Kent) which is open to the visitors during the festival. Surprising fact, 4 different stages cover Hardcore, Punk and Metal are set up, which is unusual for 5000 capacity festival.

The Public Relations of the Hevy sparks my interest because a small portion of every ticket is going to the Aspinall Foundation which protects endangered animal species from extinction. What a beautiful way to build a respectable festival identity, especially since the tickets are only 96 pounds.
Here's a link if you want to have a look at the Aspinall Foundation's website.

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